Sunday, June 07, 2015

10 Colleges Doing Right By Kids

Some colleges are doing great things to address this terrible problem – Craig Robinson, who runs the KIPP Through College program, highlights 10 of them:

Setting students up for college success doesn't end when they graduate high school. In fact, that's just the beginning. Students—especially those from low-income backgrounds—need support all the way through to college graduation day.

Over the years, we've heard back from many KIPP alumni about what's helped and hindered them most as they navigate the challenges of college. We know that where a student goes to college has a huge impact on whether or not they will graduate. This is one of the reasons that KIPP Through College is so serious about helping our students find a college that's the right match for them.

Today I want to feature 10 colleges and universities that are leading the way in supporting first-generation and low-income college students. These institutions are large and small, public and private, urban and rural. What they have in common is a deep commitment to providing students with a meaningful college experience, and helping them ultimately make it to graduation day.

Each of the institutions on our list is doing a remarkable job on many levels. We've chosen to celebrate each school for its work in a single area that we know is crucial for students like ours.

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