Monday, March 08, 2010

Alternatives in education create a brighter future

Another columnist supporting the FL voucher program:

It's cruel to charge an 8-year-old with the responsibility of breaking poverty's grip.

Especially when that child is stuck in a school that doesn't meet his or her needs. But that's exactly how traditional merit-based, need-determined scholarships work: prove to us, kid, that you can overcome your family's background, and we'll give you a shot at really making progress through higher education.

The old set-up yields a few exceptions who beat their circumstances through self-determination and a few opportunities. But why not re-write the rule of excellence instead of settling for widespread mediocrity?

That can be done by parents of all incomes, including those who invest their own time and resources in improving existing public schools, and the working poor who will sacrifice to send their kids to better schools when what's offered just doesn't measure up.

It can be done by the states through the diversification of educational options and competition to create the best learning experience possible.


Alternatives in education create a brighter future

Meredith Clark • Associate Editor • February 19, 2010

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