Monday, March 08, 2010

Dems fight educational choice in D.C.

George Will with similar points about the Obama administration's only major mistake, in my opinion, on the education issue so far:

Only two things are infinite -- the expanding universe and Democrats' hostility to the District of Columbia's school choice program. Killing this small program, which currently benefits 1,300 mostly poor and minority children, is odious and indicative. It is a small piece of something large -- the Democrats' dependency agenda, which aims to multiply the ways Americans are dependent on government.

Democrats, in their canine devotion to teachers unions, oppose empowering poor children to escape dependency on even terrible government schools. Unions and their poodles say school choice siphons money from public schools. But federal money funds D.C.'s program, so killing it denies education money to D.C. while increasing the number of pupils D.C. must support.


Dems fight educational choice in D.C.

George Will • The Washington Post • February 14, 2010

Washington Post

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