Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Charter Advocates Eye 8 More

It's good to see the absurdity of 8 charters being unused in NY state getting more attention.  Lost in the debate is any consideration of the interests of children -- sadly, that's par for the course...

Still, Mr. Murphy said he was frustrated that the Regents were effectively reducing the number of charter schools at a time when lines to get into existing schools were long.

"It certainly doesn't benefit any children," he said.


Charter Advocates Eye 8 More

BY SARAH GARLAND - Staff Reporter of the Sun
September 26, 2006

Charter school advocates say they hope to create another eight charter schools in the state despite a law that caps the number of charters at 100.

The advocates argue that the Board of Regents, who have the power to authorize new charter schools, have misinterpreted the state charter school law.

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