Wednesday, September 27, 2006

School Principals Criticize Union Leaders

It's great to see some NYC principals highlighting the dismal leadership of their conflicted union:

In a sign of open rebellion against their union, whose contract expired more than three years ago, 31 New York City public school principals have written a scathing letter, citing “grave concerns” about the union’s “ineffectiveness,” and accusing its leaders of being increasingly “out of touch” with members.

The letter, addressed to Jill S. Levy, president of the Council of School Supervisors and Administrators, known as the C.S.A., has been signed by only a small number of the city’s more than 1,400 principals since it started making e-mail rounds last Thursday. Still it is the clearest sign yet of the tension and discontent that have been brewing among principals in recent years.

It could also signal that Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein’s efforts to highlight the divergent interests of the city’s principals and its more numerous assistant principals, who are represented by the same union, is gaining some traction...


September 26, 2006

School Principals Criticize Union Leaders

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