Tuesday, May 11, 2010

AIPCS Vandalized During Oakland Teacher Strike

Why am I not surprised that striking teachers in Oakland were vandalizing the American Indian Public Charter School:

Yesterday in Oakland during the one-day teacher strike sponsored by the teachers' union (Oakland Education Association), a union member allegedly vandalized property at American Indian Public Charter School (the school where I used to teach for Dr. Ben Chavis and which formed the basis for Crazy Like a Fox).

AIPCS is a non-unionized charter school that did not participate in the strike and decided to educate its students instead. As a result, AIPCS staff and students started their school day with spray-painted graffiti that said "strike", gates that had been glued shut, and littered leaflets that said "Chinese Students + High Stakes Tests = High API." Regarding the leaflets, all students of all ethnic groups perform well at AIPCS. Note that last year, the science scores for black students were higher than those of Asian students.

A man wearing a bright green shirt (the color worn by the striking OEA teachers) was spotted by the school in the early morning by a nearby resident who scared him off.


AIPCS Vandalized During Oakland Teacher Strike


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