Monday, June 14, 2010

support FL Dems

If you want to support the great stuff happening in Florida, here's an appeal from John Kirtley (I'm supporting all five candidates):


I am hoping that you might join me in supporting five Democrats in the Florida legislature who have been absolute champions for parental choice. They all voted this year for our massive expansion of the tax credit scholarship program for low income children. The bill essentially removed the cap on the program forever, and raised the per student scholarship amount. Their votes were all the more remarkable given that the teachers' union once again pulled out all the stops to kill the bill. Their legislative director even gave a profanity laced speech at a Democratic caucus meeting threatening any defecting Democrats with retribution. They have already fielded candidates to oppose two of them, and we expect more.


These heroes are all running for re-election in the House, with one trying to go from the House to the Senate. We need to show them--and the union--that the parental choice and education reform community will back Democrats who defy the union and do the right thing. Will you help me once again?


The limit per person is $500, while couple can give $1,000. Companies can also give $500 (even if the owner already gave).


Checks would be made out to:


Maria Sachs For State Senate

Mack Bernard For State House

Ron Brise For State House

Gwyn Clarke-Reed For State House

Jim Waldman For State House


Checks can be sent to:


John Kirtley

339 South Plant Avenue

Tampa, FL 33606


The deadline is June 30th. Can you please also let me know if there are any other good Democrats out there who might be willing to support these reformers? As you know, when reformers withstand union pressure in Florida, it makes it easier for them to do it other states.


I hope you will join me in supporting these champions.


Thank you!



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