Friday, September 17, 2010

Eva aims to PAC punch for schools

Kudos to Eva!


Eva aims to PAC punch for schools



Last Updated: 7:00 AM, September 13, 2010


In a shot across the bow of the powerful teachers union, Harlem charter-school CEO Eva Moskowitz has launched her own political action committee to back candidates for elected office who support substantial reforms of the public schools.


"It's about choosing children over special interests. We have a lot of politicians now choosing special interests over teaching and learning," Moskowitz said of the project, called Great Public Schools PAC.


Moskowitz, the CEO of the Success Charter Network that operates seven schools in Harlem and The Bronx, stressed that her PAC is about mobilizing citizens and prodding the politicians to improve all the public schools, not just charters.


"Charter schools represent only 3 percent of schools. This group will have a much larger focus. It's a totally separate project from the charter schools," she said.


Responded UFT President Mike Mulgrew: "Given Ms. Moskowitz's disrespectful attitude toward the public-school children and parents who share space with her charter schools, it's hard to imagine how her new PAC will play a constructive role in public-school education."

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