Friday, September 17, 2010

Los Angeles Unveils Teacher Evaluation Plan

Just as I predicted, the LA Times series is already leading to proposals for big changes in how teachers are evaluated:

Los Angeles Unified officials have released a detailed proposal for overhauling the district's teacher evaluation system, including the broader use of student test data and establishing incentive pay programs.

The documents, released Wednesday, represent the district's initial bargaining position with unions, which are wary of potential changes they fear may be unfair to teachers.

Under the proposal, employee attendance, classroom observations and student test scores would be among the measures used to evaluate teachers and administrators. The system would also include a self-assessment from every educator.

The proposal also would mandate that teachers work longer than two years before becoming permanent employees and that evaluations be used to guide all hiring and firing decisions.


September 10, 2010

Los Angeles Unveils Teacher Evaluation Plan

By Connie Llanos, Daily News, Los Angeles (MCT)

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