Monday, September 06, 2010

Fenty vs. Gray

Here are additional comments by ed warrior Camilo Acosta:


I've been freaking out since May because Fenty's campaign has been abysmal and reformers are split…Gray on the other hand has TV ads running right now that are paid for by the union!! 


The charter issue is complicated, but nothing suggests Gray actually supports charters.


More appalling than the lovefest between Cliff Janey and Gray is the fact Gray, on a radio show, said the school system should be used to increase jobs in the city!  Since when are schools a welfare program for adults?!  


I know first-hand that Gray is anti-reform because he lambasted me when I testified before the City Council in support of Michelle last fall...ugh.  I think you sent out the Washington Post article about it at the time. []


Anyway, thanks again for raising the alarm.  I've been telling people for months that if Gray won (aka Michelle was fired), reform would take a huge hit in the public arena...


Camilo went to a rally for Fenty today, at which Rhee spoke, and sent me the two pictures at the bottom of this email.  He commented:


I tried to engage an older white woman at the rally who was supporting Gray to try and understand what would drive someone to vote for didn't end well, but I did learn that these people actually think Gray will continue to reform DCPS.  She tried to tell me Gray supports Michelle! Public perception is really messed up on this issue...I'm starting to think Gray is telling white voters one thing, and black voters something else.

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