Monday, November 22, 2010

Crutches for Kids

My friend founded Crutches for Kids, which is looking for schools in NYC interested in organizing crutch drives:


Crutches 4 Kids (C4K), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing crutches to children in need around the world, is looking for schools in New York City interested in organizing crutch drives. By giving economically disadvantaged children the gift of mobility, we are enabling them to better live independently and participate in their societies, thereby aiding their families and local communities as well.


Crutch drives are very simple to organize. They require little more than hype in a school-wide email blast or morning announcement, a temporary room/storage space to hold the crutches for the week of the drive, and some volunteer students to collect and deliver the crutches to our local storage facility. Details on how to organize a school crutch drive can be found on our website at, including a school crutch drive tool kit and a sample advertising flyer.


Not only does C4K aid disabled children around the world, but it also teaches children here in the U.S. about the value of social service, recycling, and their ability to contribute positively to other people's lives. If you have any questions please feel free to email Liz Jacobs at or call at (646) 831-8027.

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