Monday, November 22, 2010

DFER 2 reformers need our help

Two ed reformers need our help:


Dear friend:

Thanks for your support of our "Funky 15" list of education reform-supportive candidates for office that we prioritized for the elections a few weeks ago. You helped some really great candidates win some important races around the country, even in a tough election year.

We do, however, want to alert you to two of our top races which are still playing out. Anything you could do to help push these races over the finish line would be welcome, and now is the time.

1.       Deep in the heart of Texas, former TFA'er Judith Cruz is locked in what has become a heated run-off battle for a crucial "reform" seat on the Houston Independent School District board. The Houston Chronicle lays out why the race is so important here (and also explains why Cruz is the best candidate for the job.)


But in a nutshell: Houston's status as a leader in the movement to assure that great teaching becomes the focal point of public education system will be seriously weakened if special interests trying to block teacher-quality reforms can win this seat.


This is a low turnout election, so while your resources are welcome, even more important is anything you can do to get friends and family to the polls if they live in HISD's District VIII which includes Rice Military, south Heights, portions of Montrose, midtown, downtown, and the eastside into Denver Harbor.


This is a tense one. You can contribute to Judith's campaign via her website:


Go Judith, go!


2.       Meanwhile, in New York's 7th Senate District in Long Island, our friend Sen. Craig Johnson is involved in a race that is so close it will go to a hand re-count. Aside from this race being another reminder that every single vote matters, it will have a significant impact on the overall power structure of the New York State Senate.


Sen. Johnson has been a great friend to education reform, and losing his leadership in the Senate would be significant.


Please consider supporting the re-count effort for Sen. Johnson via DFER's "Education Reformer of the Month" page.


Thanks for everything you are doing to save public education. On behalf of the wild and crazy crew here at DFER, we wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving.


Gobble, gobble.

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