Monday, November 08, 2010

'Strangling' NYC kids' futures

Howard Fuller and DFER Chairman Kevin Chavous with a spot-on op ed:


When video surfaced last week of City Council woman Gale Brewer saying she'd "strangle" families that chose to leave a local public school for a public charter school, our first thought was: Can we hold her accountable?


While Brewer's rhetoric was extreme, local elected officials around the nation regularly take equally anti-school-reform stances. Yet -- despite the tremendous failings of our public-school system -- no one is holding their feet to the fire when they stand in the way of more great public schools.


If we want to improve our education system, we need everyday Americans to start demanding our elected leaders fight for reform -- not against it. We need a coalition of citizens who'll stand up and say they're done waiting for change and challenge the Brewers of the world to support reform.


'Strangling' NYC kids' futures




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Posted: 10:34 PM, October 26, 2010

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