Monday, November 08, 2010

Support Teach for Us:


Hi Whitney,


By way of introduction, my name is Adam Geller. I was a TFA corps member. I wanted to reach out to you, as a friend told me about how you have promoted Pepsi Refresh projects previously in your email blasts. 


In 2006, I started an nonprofit called Teach For Us. We help connect TFA corps members with each other for support and share their stories of working to close the achievement gap. We're in this month's grant contest and could greatly benefit from the support of those who believe in Teach For America. We need to end up in the top ten to win the $25k grant... as I'm writing this we're in the mid 300s.


There are two ways to vote, and each person can vote once per day:

·         Vote by text message. This is the easiest and fastest. Just text the code 103588 to Pepsi (73774). Repeat each morning

·         Vote online. Visit the Pepsi Refresh website and vote.


Thanks, in advance, for helping promote this and leveraging your network's power.


My best,



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