Tuesday, February 22, 2011

California education reform may be facing a Brownout

Larry Sand with an op ed on the sad turn of affairs ed reform in California is taking under new Gov. Jerry Brown:

Across the country, governors have become serious about education reform. New Jersey's Chris Christie and Florida's Rick Scott are leading the charge for eliminating teacher tenure, instituting merit pay and focusing on accountability and efficiency.

Many in California were hoping that Gov. Jerry Brown would follow in their footsteps, turn his back on his longtime political crony -- the California Teachers Association -- and initiate reform that would benefit both the children and taxpayers.

But that has not happened.

Brown could have supported a voucher or scholarship program that would allow students to take some public money and go to a private school.

…He could have promoted the expansion of charter schools.

…He could have shown support for California's new Parent Trigger law by letting Ben Austin remain on the state school board.

…Brown could have championed a change in state law that would eliminate tenure and seniority rules, thus making it easier for local districts to maintain the most effective teachers and rid themselves of the poorest -- and frequently highly paid -- performers.

But Brown has done nothing in the way of reform. In fact, he went in the opposite direction. When he released his 2011 budget on Jan. 10, K-12 education went untouched, and there was no mention of reform.


California education reform may be facing a Brownout

By Larry Sand

Special to the Mercury News

Posted: 02/08/2011 08:00:00 PM PST


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