Monday, August 08, 2011

Strauss on Matt Damon

Matt Damon gave a hugely dopey and hypocritical speech that Valerie Strauss raved about on her blog (surprise!):

Here is the speech that actor Matt Damon gave today to thousands of teachers, parents and others who attended the Save Our Schools march on the Ellipse near the White House to protest the Obama administration's education policies that are centered on standardized tests.

Damon was the last of many speakers, including Diane Ravitch, Linda Darling-Hammond, Deb Meier and Jonathan Kozol. I've published posts of theirs before, so here is something different: Damon's common-sense, straight-to-the-point speech.


Matt Damon's clear-headed speech to teachers rally

By Valerie Strauss

UPDATE Aug. 2: Here is a link to the video, posted on YouTube:

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