Sunday, February 12, 2012

New slides in my deck

I presented highlights from my school reform slide deck at an ed reform class at Columbia Business School on Monday evening taught by ed warriors Amy Rosen and Laura Smith, and I was pleased to hear that the class is MASSIVELY oversubscribed, which I think is due to: a) this issue being hot; and b) the evaporation of most jobs for MBAs in finance in NYC.


In preparation for the class, I did the first major update of my slide deck in nearly a year.  There's a lot of great new data, which you can check out by downloading the deck at:


The new slides are pages:

·        7 (% of jobs that will require a college degree in 2018)

·        14 (average class size in the US vs. other developed countries)

·        22 (% of students who read for enjoyment in US vs. other countries – guess where we stack up?)

·        24 (new PISA data)

·        32 (high school completion in US vs. other countries and change over past 30 years)

·        33 (market share of college grads among developed countries – US #1, but declining)

·        41 (what % of college degrees are earned by women in US vs. other countries)

·        56 (cost of higher ed in US vs. other countries; we're the highest BY FAR)

·        65 (summary of new NBER study on teacher impact)

·        78 (comparison of how we train doctors vs. teachers)

·        100-104 (Florida and New Orleans case studies)


Phew!  Enjoy!

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