Tuesday, October 30, 2012

TEACHED Films Available Free Online

Kelly Amis’s three TEACHED films are available for free online at: www.snagfilms.com/films/search?q=teached:

TEACHED Vol. I Premieres Online with SnagFilms
Film Series about Education Equality in America now available for Free Online Viewing
Washington, DC - The first three films of the innovative TEACHED short film series--The Path to Prison, The Blame Game: Teachers Speak Out and Unchartered Territory--premiere online today with SnagFilms, a distributor specializing in independent and documentary film founded by internet pioneer Ted Leonsis and backed by venture capitalist Miles Gilburne and Revolution LLC founder Steve Case.

Produced and directed by a former teacher, education writer and first-time filmmaker, the TEACHED short films provide a candid assessment of the American education system, revealing the extent and impact of systemic failures and lingering race and income-based inequities on urban, minority youth in particular.

The first three films of the series, referred to collectively as "TEACHED Vol. I," premiered at the Napa Valley Film Festival in November 2011 and have since won "Outstanding Achievement for Short Documentary" at the Williamsburg International Film Festival and the jury prize for "Spirit of Independence" at the Amsterdam Film Festival.

"The short film format was designed to be more conducive for education, non-profit and student groups to use in outreach and community-building events," says filmmaker Kelly Amis, "The films can easily be interspersed with guest speakers, panel discussions, audience participation and strategic planning. In this way, the films--and ideas about how individuals can get involved--can be presented to viewers at the same time. The short film format is also responsive to today's growing demand for online short videos. We want to reach a broad, diverse audience to join the fight for education equality and we think free, short films online will support that effort. We are so excited to be featured by SnagFilms; it's a great opportunity."

The TEACHED Vol. I films premiering online today are:

·         The Path to Prison  (7 min.) 
A former gang-member from South Central, Los Angeles helps explain how so many capable and intelligent young men—especially African-American males—end up uneducated and incarcerated in the 'home of the free.'

·         The Blame Game: Teachers Speak Out  (16 min.) 
Public school teachers speak candidly about their profession and the consequences for students—especially urban minority students—of policies that treat all teachers as equal and make it difficult to fire a teacher even in the most extreme circumstances.

·         Unchartered Territory (17 min.)
Featuring some of the most successful pioneers of this still-developing frontier, Unchartered Territory explains what charter schools are, why they were created and why some are performing so well and others…not so much.

About the Filmmaker
Amis started her career as a Teach for America teacher in South Central, Los Angeles and has been an advocate for education equality ever since. A Fulbright Scholar, Amis served as a Legislative Aide for Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Director of Education for Fight for Children, and Program Director for the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation. She launched Loudspeaker Films in 2009 as an independent film production company committed to social justice issues. TEACHED is Loudspeaker Films’ first project. 

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