Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Third Parent Trigger Effort Underway in California

 Great to see another parent trigger effort underway in CA:  

The third chapter of California’s Parent Trigger saga is about to unfold, and officials are expecting the process to be much easier this time around.

This morning a group of parents whose children attend 24th Street Elementary will present the Los Angeles Unified School District board with a petition to allow them to take control of the failing school and secure wholesale changes.

This comes about a week after the school board in Adelanto, California ended a long fight by voting to allow the parents of students at Desert Trails Elementary to convert the school into an independent charter school.

That was the first successful Parent Trigger effort in the nation.

It also follows a failed effort in the Compton district, where parents of students at McKinley Elementary failed in their attempt to take over the school.

Both the Adelanto and Compton efforts were marred by harsh resistance from local school boards and teachers unions that didn’t want to cede control of the schools, despite their inability to operate them in a productive manner.

A spokesman for Parent Revolution, an organization that helps promote Parent Trigger efforts, said the 24th Street Elementary conversion should be much smoother. Significant support already exists among Los Angeles administrators and school board members to allow the parents to make the changes they deem necessary, he said.

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