Monday, August 05, 2013

New Slides on MySchool Reform Presentation

Speaking of my school reform presentation, I periodically update it with new research, data, arguments, etc. and have just posted the latest version (all 288 slides!) here. The 11 new slides are:

  1. We’re 4th in the world in total education spending per pupil: page 17
  2. Our ed spending as a % of GDP is #6 in the world: page 18
  3. Nearly every other country has made greater gains than we have in college completion over the past 30 years: page 40
  4. American women are the only reason we’re not falling much further behind: The percentage of men earning a college degree has stagnated for the last 30+ years, while women continue to make steady gains: page 42
  5. The higher educational attainment of women is translating into higher earnings: Young women’s earnings outpaced young men’s from 1979 to 2010 at every education level: page 44
  6. Our overall college success rate – barely above 50% – is among the worst in the developed world: page 62
  7. The wealthiest families are spending more and more on educational enrichment for their children, which is an important contributor to higher college completion rates: page 66
  8. Wealthy children with below-average test scores are more likely to earn a college degree than poor children with above-average test scores: page 67
  9. Poor kids are not attending the schools they should Their college application patterns are illogical, demonstrating that they are getting bad advice – which leads to a terrible problem of “undermatching”: page 68
  10. There is very low social mobility in the U.S.: Rich kids without a college degree are 2.5 times more likely to end up rich than poor kids who do graduate from college: page 69
  11. One study showed that grit and determination were twice as powerful as IQ in predicting life success: page 100 (new chart)

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