Sunday, June 07, 2015

New York State Education Commissioner Brings Blunt Style to Tough Job

Speaking of NYS, we have a new state ed superintendent, MaryEllen Elia, about whom I've heard good things – namely, that she:
·       Was a fairly innovative district superintendent in Hillsborough, FL, which received a $100M grant from the Gates Foundation because of her and her collaborative relationship with the local teachers union. 
·       Is known for being direct and very approachable.
·       Was Jeb Bush's favorite superintendent, mainly because of her willingness to be open to new ideas.
Here's a WSJ profile of her:

Ms. Elia, appointed last week to be New York state education commissioner, was known by many for such innovative problem-solving in her last job, as superintendent of a large, diverse district in Florida.

While some critics said she was intimidating or failed to take their concerns seriously, the Hillsborough County system she ran for a decade won national recognition as a model of teamwork between district and union leaders.

Now she is preparing for her July 6 start heading a sprawling agency that serves nearly 2.7 million public-school children. Reporting to the Board of Regents and earning a $250,000 salary, she will also oversee state universities, museums, libraries, professional licensing and adult education.

Ms. Elia, 66 years old, arrives at a time of intense acrimony between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the statewide teachers union over school funding, testing and teacher ratings.

New York State Education Commissioner Brings Blunt Style to Tough Job

MaryEllen Elia was known as innovative problem solver as superintendent of Florida school district

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