Tuesday, September 29, 2015


From my friend Kelli Amis:
Hi Whitney - I thought it would be a great time to send you an update as we have three new TEACHED films to tell you about plus some new videos on our Youtube channel, TEACHEDTV, that I know you will like. As you know, the TEACHED short film series examines the causes and consequences of the race-based "achievement gap," particularly as experienced by urban youth. The new films in TEACHED Vol. II go more deeply into the experiences of black males in particular.  

We actually released the first TEACHED Vol. II film, Code Oakland, because it is so timely (this story could not wait!). This 21 min. film has already won five festival awards and has more festival screenings on the horizon. Groups or individuals who want to arrange a screening of Code Oakland (or any of the TEACHED Vol. I films) can do so here. We will premiere the next two short films, Think of Calvin and Offsides, in Washington, DC, the Bay Area and Chicago over the next few months.  
Online, we just released a new On the Loudspeaker interview in partnership with Education Post; check out why Van Jonesis planning to train 100,000 youth of color to be the world's best coders here: In Oakland, It's Either Code or Be Coded. And if Silicon Valley hasn't quite gotten the message even with the Congressional Black Caucus visiting this week, I hope its leaders will watch this: VIDEO: 'It Shouldn't Be a Privilege to Learn How to Code', with Oakland youth explaining the win-win nature of tech diversity. If you love this last one (I do), watch the extended version: ON THE LOUDSPEAKER: Tomorrow's Tech Stars, moderated by the fabulous Cedric Brown of the Kapor Center for Social Impact
For any techies reading this who are so inspired, FYI we are looking for a new "tech angel" to provide 3-5 hours/month pro bono to help us with e-blasts (html coding) and occasional website tweaking. Please consider supporting our social justice and race equality mission with your mad skills! Loads of great karma (and TEACHED swag) could be yours. Go here for more information or email info@teached.org
Social entrepreneurs in the Bay Area are working to snap Silicon Valley out of its default comfort zone—what Oakland philanthropist and Lotus 1-2-3 founder Mitch
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At the first-ever hackathon for Black Male Achievement in Oakland, Van Jones invited the young participants to join him at the front of the room.
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