Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Voucher Bill Picks Up Steam

Gov. Christie is also pushing a voucher bill in NJ:


Low-income students in New Jersey's "chronically failing" schools could get taxpayer-subsidized scholarships to attend other public or private schools if a controversial and bipartisan bill is approved.


The proposal, which has been pushed by Gov. Chris Christie and is working its way through the state legislature, would give corporations tax breaks in exchange for paying students' tuition at other schools. The voucher-like program would erode some traditional district boundaries.

New Jersey would join a handful of states around the country that offer this type of program, which has spurred debate about whether the public should pay private- or religious-school tuition. School districts fear it would sap more money from already-struggling public schools, because the district would be docked state funding for each child who leaves on a scholarship. Supporters say it's a way for students to escape rotten conditions.


  • FEBRUARY 3, 2011

Voucher Bill Picks Up Steam



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