Sunday, June 07, 2015

The law that could save our schools

If you live in NYS, please contact your state senator and assembly member to urge them to support this:

There are only a few weeks left to get the NY State Assembly to approve a bill that would increase substantially the amount of money available for scholarships for low-income families sending their students to out-of-district public, parochial, or private schools.  The annual tax-credit plan has four basic planks as described in a recent press release:

·        Up to $500 in tax credits for low-income families who send their children to nonpublic and out-of-district schools;
·        $50 million in tax credits to individuals and businesses that donate funds to nonprofits offering scholarships to low-income students attending nonpublic schools;
·        $20 million in incentives to public schools offering enhanced educational programming, such as after-school programs; and,
·        Tax credits of up to $200 for public school teachers who purchase classroom supplies.

Governor Cuomo has proposed a Parental Choice in Education Agenda that includes this Education Tax Credit to encourage donations to scholarship funds serving parents with children in religious and other schools. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo and the State Senate are already on board.  But, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and Assembly Democrats are blocking this important bill.  They are blocking this bill for one simple reason: the influence of teacher-union leaders who don't believe that parents should have the right to choose where to send their children to school.
We can win this, but only if parents and voters speak up on behalf of the children and families who are simply looking for a better alternative to the failing schools in their neighborhoods. 
Please speak up by signing onto today. Type in your street address and zip code, and the website will identify your state legislator and give you a sample email which you can customize, if you like.  Then press "Submit Email" and you're done.  Take a few moments now to let your legislator hear, loud and clear, that you demand action on this important legislation. 
Please don't set this aside to do later.  Go to   Help us help the children who most desperately deserve the option of sending their children to schools where they know they can learn.  

Below is an op ed in the NY Post about this:

The Education Investment Tax Credit is an idea whose time has come. For years, I have been a supporter along with Timothy Cardinal Dolan and the rest of the diocesan bishops across New York. The bill also counts as supporters Gov. Cuomo and a majority of state legislators.

So why isn't it the law? After all, it has overwhelming bipartisan support.

Time is running out. We have to act now to convince the state Assembly to pass this bill, which will substantially increase the funds raised for scholarships in the Diocese of Brooklyn and every other diocese across the state.

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