Friday, July 01, 2011

Latest Ed Trust report

From my friend, ed warrior James Forman (whose birthday it was today – happy birthday!):


Have you blogged about this latest Ed Trust report?

It is chock full of data and worth a close read.  I'm on the board there and we just discussed the report yesterday.  I've been reflecting on why the K-12 reform community has not focused much on the college access/affordability issue.  I think it is in part because it is only now that some of the best networks like KIPP/Achievement/Uncommon/YES Prep, etc. are graduating students from high school at scale.  But my prediction is that those of us in the K-12 world are going to have to get focused on this quickly, because the numbers on affordability are stunning, and getting worse fast.  And how can it be that in this context we are talking about cutting Pell grants?  And how can it be that colleges and universities use more of their financial aid money to support middle class and above students than they do for poor kids?  Anyway, enough rant for now, this is simply to say that this report exposed me to something that I hadn't thought very much about and I suspect I'm not alone.

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